Roule galette, French creperie

Roule galette

26 Rebecca Walk, Melbourne


There are 2 Roule galette creperies. I went once to the one in Flinders lane and it was good. We are trying the one on Rebecca walk with a voucher.


Casual creperie restaurant with photos of famous French singers. Location is pretty nice as you are just beside the Yarra river BUT there is one major drawback, it’s just beside the railways. It gets very noisy when the train passes. The place doesn’t have as much charm as the other restaurant in Flinders lane.

Very friendly staff. There was only 2 persons working there so it took a bit of time to get our order but in general it was ok.

Value for money/Taste


This is a tough one and I’m judging based on the price on the menu, not based on our voucher. To be honest, the voucher was SO MUCH worth it.

First, how do they taste like?
Monsieur K
French Morbier cheese and prosciutto
It’s a bit simple but it works well. Morbier cheese is not a very strong cheese but it is enjoyable in galettes like this with prosciutto leaving a nice after taste. A bit simple for, I would expect maybe a third ingredients to make it more complex but that’s my personal opinion.

Lucas, Tartiflette
French Reblochon cheese melted on braised potatoes, bacon and onions

Well, what can I say. If you’ve been in France and you tried a tartiflette (baked potatoes with lardons, onions and heaps of Reblochon), you will certainly enjoy this galette as I did. It made me feel so homesick!

Because it’s using Reblochon, I was afraid to have a tiny amount of it in the filling but they were quite generous! Made my day! Picture braised potatoes with a light sweetness enhanced by the onions combined with bacon in a swirl of melted Reblochon, a cheese that melts very nicely with a well-balanced flavor, not too strong but with character…So good!

A cup of cidre doux and a glass of Petit Chablis to go with our galette.

So prices of these two galettes are $15 and $16. For this price, I think portions are a bit small BUT they are using french cheeses (quite expensive here) and with authentic flavours. So smaller quantity but good quality. Recipes are quite simple, that’s a -1 for me but we are in Melbourne and prices are relatively acceptable. I’m guessing if you want to be full, you’ll need a sweet crepe, both should be under $30 for an enjoyable meal.


I almost cried with my tartiflette galette and I was feeling homesick afterwards so yeah, it’s french enough.


Try it if you want to have a simple french galette!
Will I go back there? Well, despite a nice tartiflette galette, I find the rest a bit too simple to my taste especially for this range of price. It’s acceptable, not exciting.

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