Dessert story, Glen Waverley, Hong Kong and Taiwanese desserts

Dessert story

Dessert Story


I started to appreciate “modern” honkie and Taiwanese desserts only for a couple of years and I really love it!
Melbourne had unfortunately only few places for this. Dessert Story is expanding all over Melbourne and that’s good news! For western friends who never tried, Give it a shot, you’ll not regret it. I took 3 Chilean friends and they really enjoyed it even though they told me that they wouldn’t dare to try it as it looks totally different from western desserts.

It  feels like being in Hong Kong in a dessert place in a fancy shopping centre. For a  dessert place, it looks great! Doesn’t want to do more than what they are. It’s a vivid place ideal for a short dessert break or simply to extend your lunch/dinner. However, it’s a very very busy place, if you prefer quiet places, it may be a bit difficult for you to enjoy.

Even if the prices are so cheap, you feel being treated really correctly. I went there several times. People welcome you, show you the table. Desserts come to your table very fast despite the busy activity of the place. Once, we had to wait so we took a ticket and waited outside. I thought she would have forgotten us with so many new people entering the place but she came back to us. People here are more smiling so it’s nice.

Value for money
Super cheap! Desserts being between $6 and $12, they could be massive! I’m always so surprise to see how cheap and tasty the desserts are. Great job Dessert Story!

Grass jelly with sago and coconut milk –  refreshing dessert.
The grass jelly is always appreciated when you need something reinvigorating with a delicious herbal flavor. The coconut milk sweetens a bit the whole dessert and gives a smooth feeling in your mouth without making the whole thing creamy/thick in consistence. Sago adds in texture with these tiny chewy pearls. Well balanced dessert for less than $8

Green tea icecream with mango, sago and coconut milk
Similar comment than the first dessert. Despite the fact that I love green tea icecream, I think that it is a bit strong in this dessert. Mango and coconut milk give a sweet and creamy flavor. Green tea is I’m assuming that the bitter flavor cleanses your pallets from the rest, it’s not bad but I don’t think it matches perfectly; good examples would be   Japanese desserts where sweet red bean paste goes better with green tea icecream

These 2 desserts were more from Hong Kong. The coming two are from Taiwan.

Among the herbal jelly series, here is a classic one with Herbal Ice, Taro ball, and cream.
I can’t wait to have this in a hot summer day because it is so reviving! All ingredients bath into a light and cold herbal sirup with a velvety cream. The dessert contrasts between the chewy taro balls and pearls and the desire to slurp your grass jelly. Also the dessert is less sweet than the Hong Kong dessert but the stronger herbal flavor is here to compensate

Milk snow ice with crystal jelly and mango juice with popping pearl.
This is delicious! I’m guessing everyone has tried to catch a snowflake on the tip of the tongue and to let me melt. Well imagine this with flavours! This dessert is like eating creamy fruity snowflakes. I think it’s basically shaved ice creams with topping. The ice cream is very light and creamy, very enjoyable. On top of this, you have a mango sauce with pieces of mango to add a delicious fruity relish. In textures, you have crystal jelly that has a pleasant harder feeling but the best things are the popping pearls. It tasted like little grapefruit bombs delivering sweet, citrus and light bitter flavours to refresh the pallets.

In Dessert Story, it’s Christmas everyday!

Mango, coconut milk and red beans – Mango, coconut milk and crystal jelly
Perfect and yummy drinks for a hot day
I’m welcoming criticism from my honkie and Taiwanese friends but from what I have tried so far, it tastes like Hong Kong. I tried a Taiwanese dessert place with a Taiwanese friend in Sydney and it’s pretty similar but haven’t been to Taiwan to compare.

Yes! If you are curious about new exotic flavors for desserts or simply feeling having light  Asian desserts, it’s a very nice place to go. I think the hardest thing to do is how to resist to not go there after a big meal in the neighbourhood.
Be careful, it gets extremely busy so be prepared to queue in peak hours.

Bonne appétit!

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2 Responses to “Dessert story, Glen Waverley, Hong Kong and Taiwanese desserts”

  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am greeting to you. In fact, I am interesting to be established the same Taiwan Dessert Story Restaurant with the same recipe in Phnom Penh Cambodia so if you do not mind please let me know how can I become your membership of Taiwan Dessert Story in Cambodia ? What is the process will be required from your side ?

    I am looking forward to hear from you.

    Yours truly,
    Daniel NUON
    H/P: (855) 12 25 52 25

    • Sorry Daniel but I don’t work with Dessert Story, I just went there as a customer and as a blogger to share my view on their desserts. Sorry I can’t help you with this. Good luck with your future business

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