Red Cliff, Carnegie, Chinese (Hubei) style

Red Cliff



Nice little restaurant serving Hubei-style dishes hidden in Carnegie. Went there several times, they are quite consistent. Three dishes on the test!

Stir-fry salty pork belly with garlic shoots and young bamboo shoots
More fat than meat, not recommended . It’s a pity ’cause in terms of flavours, it was quite ok. Plus, the soft young bamboo shoots and the lightly crunchy garlic shoots make a good vegetable mixture with pork belly.

Ox tongue
Thinly sliced and marinated ( I want to know how!), they were stir-fry with chilis and spring onions. I was the best dish we had, I  love ox tongue and this was so delicious! Very powerful flavor from the ox tongue but the delicious marinade makes it really enjoyable. Highly recommended.

Tao pi, the “wuhanese pizza”. It’s a dish made with 3 layers. The first one is a mix of bean curd and minced meat cooked with herbs and soya sauce, then glutinous rice and finally a crispy flour layer. I have tasted better in Wuhan but for something in Melbourne, I think it’s already quite impressive that they sell that here. It tastes good but it wasn’t the most impressive dish I have tried there.
Casual restaurant that matches its range without being impressive, the
warm wooden decoration is nice though.

Efficient but a smile is always welcoming. Dishes came very fast, when I ask something, it was executed swiftly.

Value for money
We paid $30/pers. and we had food left. Some of the dishes are a bit expensive for what they are and in general it’s a bit pricey but in general it’s quite generous and tasty.

Dishes are also quite authentic. I have spent few weeks in Wuhan to say this is good. You would be happy to see Tao Pi or Sesame noodles on the menu.

I will introduce you to a side factor to evaluate how authentic the restaurant is, the “gweilo” index, it means foreigner in cantonese. Basically, in an asian restaurant, if it’s authentic you will mainly see….well asians! So if you see only white folks in a chinese restaurant for instance, the gweilo index is very high. This means 2 things: either the food is crap because they don’t know anything about chinese food or the food is good but you’ll probably pay double compared to the next restaurant that is full of asians. In this one, my gf (and partly me) were the only gweilo so it was a good sign! lol

Should you try?

Yes, it’s a good Chinese restaurant that differs from others serving Cantonese or Sichuanese dishes. So if you are looking for new Chinese flavors, try it!

Bonne appétit!


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