Mole Creek Cave

Leaving Bicheno to Cradle Mountain, we passed by Mole Creek famous for its cave so we decided to have a short visit of the Marakoopa cave
I really love to visit cave, to go underground and to visit huge chambers where you feel like you entered another world. Limestome formations in caves take thousands of years.
So here is a short slideshow of this cave

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The last picture, I didnt take it, it’s from the web but it looks like something similar that we saw: glow-worms. It was amazing. These glow-worms are not worms actually, they are larvae of insects. What happens is that they use bioluminescence to catch mosquitos for their meals. So imagine that you are in a cave and then you turn off all lights, it’s completely dark normally but in this main chambers with glow-worms you have many green beautiful lights on the chamber ceiling giving you the feeling that you are watching stars on an artificial sky.  That was one of the best moment in Tasmania.

Stars in a cave


~ by vbladev13 on January 6, 2011.

3 Responses to “Mole Creek Cave”

  1. thats amazing i went to mole creek caves but i had never seen that!

    • Really? That was the main highlight of the visit. They took us to a big big cave with a small pond in the middle, and then switch off the light. It took a bit of time for the eyes to adapt to the obscurity but when it’s done, it’s so wonderful

  2. […] Markoopa Cave Glow Worms Photo Credit: WordPress […]

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